4 SEO Trends That Will Most Likely Dominate 2018

SEO specialists try their best to learn exactly what changes every year in the different search engines’ algorithms. For those of you who do not know, the field of search engine optimization has changed dramatically over the years.

As an SEO specialist, I and others in the field are always trying to predict what trends are going to dominate each and every year. In this article, I will try my best to give you the SEO trends that are most likely going to dominate this year.

Knowledge Graphs

When Google first introduced the Featured Snippetsinformation that can be found on top of the search results page that aims to help answer the user’s query, it has become the main thing that people think about.

Also known as Position Zero, it is most certainly a way for website owners to gain more clicks as people are more likely to proceed to their site if their page is featured at the very top position.

Even though that may the case for a couple of months, there has been a recent decline of Featured Snippets- a whopping 30% to be specific. That is, in large, due to what is known as the Knowledge Graph.

Also known as the Knowledge Box, this is a small box that is typically found on the top-right corner of the SERPs that provides the best possible answers to the question the users asked. Although it is similar in function when it comes to featured snippets, there is actually one major difference.

Because featured snippets contain information that mainly comes from e-commerce websites, it means that it is not a good source of knowledge since the websites it came from are the ones that try to sell you a particular thing. That is not a good source for unbiased information.

The knowledge box, on the other hand, comes from websites that are purely informative or ones that disseminate incredible information. That is why there is a huge decline in Featured Snippets and the knowledge box is the new king.

Voice Search Dominance

With the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the emergence of AI technologies such as Alexa and Siri, we are expecting more Voice Searches being conducted in the foreseeable future.

Machine Learning Will Change the Way We Implement SEO

Machine learning is one of the children of artificial intelligence. Ever wonder why services like Netflix and Spotify are able to give you recommendations just by using the platforms? Well, that is thanks to Machine Learning.

Since search engines require constant updates to their algorithms, machine learning will probably pave the way to automatic changes based on how the internet moves. Maybe one day, we will never see black hat SEO techniques ever again.

Google Will Most Likely Lose Its Throne

Google is the king of all search engines, at least, it is today. However, with the constant improvements in Amazon and Yelp’s search engines as well as the arrival of Siri and other similar AI platforms, we might see Google dethroned in the near future.

As to whether that really happens, only time will tell.