4 Ways That Will Help You Come Up with a Good App Idea


Mobile app development creation starts with a concept and those concepts can only be conjured up at random times. However, even if that is the case, there are some things that you can do to help you come up with a good app idea. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Think About What the People Actually Want

Popular applications on the market serve a specific purpose. Social media apps help people communicate with their loved ones no matter where they are. Gaming apps help people get entertained anytime, anywhere. And, productivity apps help people become more productive individuals. Generating an app idea would mean that you should come up with a solution to some of the most common problems that people face. One great example of this is Airbnb. Did you know that this application was created at a time of financial crisis? Yes, the app helps people find a place to stay because the hotels at that time were too expensive for the common folk. In other words, it helped people find a safe haven without having to pay a lot of money. So, what solution are you willing to come up with and what problems will it solve?

2. Look and Examine the Popular Apps on the Market

Going either to the Google Playstore or the Apple App store and looking at different categories will help you come up with an idea for app creation. You can look at the different categories of apps and examine the top ones. Look at their description, their features, and the reviews to give you some perspective on what constitutes a great app.

3. Monitor All of the Technological Trends

Some app creators actually monitor developments and new trends in the technological and mobile app space. This is so that if a certain technology can be implemented in their apps to make it better, they will do so. Looking at the different technological trends can help you gain an idea of what application to make. For instance, you can go to a platform like ProductHunt and you can pool ideas from different people using the service. There are a lot of members that are willing to give some ideas so you can formulate one of your own from their thoughts. Also, it would help that you attend technological conventions or conferences about mobile app development. You not only gain new information about the niche, but you will also find people who can help you get started in the app creation phase as well.

4. Think About the Future

There is a popular question that is frequently asked in job interviews and that is,” where do you see yourself in 5 years.” This question aims at predicting what you’re going to do in a couple of years. This same question can also be a guide for you to help you get an idea of what application to make. Although it is impossible to know what happens in the future, estimating and predicting how it will unfold can actually help you in the process.


Coming up with a good idea is actually the first step in the app creation process. There are plenty of ways you can do so. You can attend technological conferences, you can ask people what they really want in an app, or you can even monitor technological advancements and new trends in the mobile app development space as well.