5 Interior Design Tips to Ensure that Your Home Will Never Go Out of Style

Planning to do a home makeover anytime soon? If that is the case, you’re going to want to read this article as it talks about some interesting and useful tips from Patrick Sutton, a renowned interior designer based in New York.

Help Tell a Story

One of the things that interior designers must do is to ask their clients about what theme they want to use in their home remodeling plans. The theme of the house is so important because it will allow the designers to know exactly what needs to be done. To revamp a house as per the client’s specifications, the theme has to tell a story. For instance, a couple might say that the house they live in is where their romance began. Designers should use that as inspiration to make things happen. So, what can this tell non-interior designers? Well, if you are planning on renovating your house, it is important to think about a certain theme from which you can follow from start to finish.

Understand Your Needs

Aside from thinking about a theme, you must also understand what your needs are. For instance, if you are a couple and are planning to have at least three children, your house should be remodeled in a way that can accommodate at least 5 people nicely. The interior designer that is going to be hired for the remodeling project might ask questions about your personality as it also helps them find out what paint color you like, as well as what furniture to put in your home.

When Using Personal Objects

Keep in mind that the interior designer will already have an idea on how to tackle the home renovation project but you must also tell them if you are going to use some personal objects since it can truly influence the theme and the look of the house. That being said, you have to be upfront to them about it and perhaps add some story that will make them understand the significance of the objects that you are planning to use. That way, they can piece together your story really well and might even give certain recommendations to make things even better.

Think About Incorporating Both Traditional and Modern Designs

Good design, according to Sutton, is something that meshes both modern and traditional designs together really well. Again, it is imperative that you be upfront to the designer as to what you want them to follow when it comes to designing your house so that they will know exactly what to do.

Be Unique

According to Sutton, every home renovation project should be treated uniquely in the sense that, for the most part, you are not copying other people’s homes. It is okay to take some inspiration from the homes that you see in magazines and other materials, but if you are going to make things last, it is important that you follow your own home design blueprint.