6 Brilliant SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Website Design

6 Brilliant SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Website Design

1. Use unique meta data.

Page descriptions, keywords and titles must all be different. Don’t forget to change placeholder information. This is the most common mistakes many website designers make. Unique meta data helps Google and other search engines get a much better grasp of the how the entire website structure is constructed.

2. Use the heading tags properly.

Make good use of heading tags in your page content. These elements provide Google and other search engines with details on the overall structure of the HTML document.

3. Follow W3C standards.

Search engines love clean, well-formed code. This makes it easier for them to index websites. If you are working on a business website design, this becomes even more essential. Of course, you would want your client’s brand to improve its online presence.

4. Work on a search-engine friendly website navigation.

If you want your navigation to be convenient for every user, don’t use Flash. Search engines are having a hard time crawling pages that use flash. For fancy effects, you may want to try CSS or unobtrusive JavaScript codes.

5. Use only the content that search engine spiders can easily read.

Content will always be king, and this is the main component that search engine are feeding on. Make sure to focus on the content’s structure, from headings and paragraphs to hyperlinks.

6. Design your website URLs for search friendliness.

Are you familiar with search-friendly URLs? These are URLs which are not difficult to crawl, like query strings. The best URLs have keywords that help describe the web page’s overall content.