The number of smartphone users in India is on the rise. Studies demonstrate India has overtaken the United States to become the second-largest Smartphone market on the planet. By 2020, we will represent about 12.5 percent of the total worldwide Smartphone market. An examination conducted early this year stated people in countries like the UK and US, accessed the internet utilizing phones over 33% of the time, while in India, the internet was accessed by means of mobile relatively 80% of the time.

With hopeful projections for Smartphone appropriation and internet accessibility, the mobile application market is developing quickly; this thus provides a huge scope for mobile application development in India.

Why App Development?

“Mobile Application Development is the future of Software Development” – Google’s Eric Schmidt.

Mobile application development is a youthful yet developing industry. With the increase of smartphone appropriation and internet accessibility, there comes a need for better applications, agreed by social media promotion services.

Four reasons to choose App development:

  • Openings for work
  • Easy to Build
  • User Adoption
  • Future Scope
  • How can one approach becoming a mobile application developer?

The essential objective as a mobile application developer is to decide on picking the mobile development environment you need to deal with – Native or Hybrid. The most famously used coding languages by Native Mobile application developers are C#, C++, Java, Swift. The most famously used coding languages by Hybrid Mobile application developers are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

The bare least requirement that most recruiters search for while contracting a mobile application developer is a bachelor’s degree in application development, software engineering, computer science or some other closely affiliated programming field.

Beyond this, you should consider enhancing your abilities with a certification in mobile application development offered by companies like Google, Oracle, etc. Most companies ordinarily prefer developers with hands-on experience and updated knowledge. The best method to do this is by enrolling for online preparing programs offered by companies like CompTIA and Simplilearn.

Business and Job Opportunities

  • Current Market – There is a tremendous need for innovative App developers in India; with this comes a rise in the need for better applications. This is a perfect time to get to the market rapidly and manufacture disruptive mobile applications. With large commitment from the start-up scene, the need for Mobile App Developers has seen a surge in the current employment market. Numerous Indian new businesses like Flipkart, Paytm and others are prepared to pay competitive salaries to candidates who possess the necessary range of abilities.
  • Learning and Building Mobile Applications – Learning and building Mobile Applications is genuinely simple and financially savvy. With preparing and learning tools available to us. Today, any software engineer capable of reasoning out of the container will be able to put these Mobile App development tools to extraordinary use.
  • User Adoption – With the explosive development in the use of smartphones, studies demonstrate Indians typically spend an average of 2-3 hours on their cell phones every day; the greater part of this time is spent on messaging and other consumer apps. Before long Indians will be utilizing their smartphone for most activities from shopping to paying bills; from business exchanges to networking via web-based networking media; from watching video tutorials to movies.
  • Future Scope – As App development in India is at an early stage of development, the demand for disruptive mobile apps continues to develop quickly. Because of this, there are plenty of opportunities to construct your own item, to fill in as a component of an organization or work in an indie developer. Students seeking this way need not stress over the future of mobile application development in an emerging market, for example, India.

My Calling – From a Student to an Entrepreneur

Like most students, I moved overseas (Australia) after engineering to pursue a Masters degree in Engineering; I wanted to apply management to engineering and hence decided to think about MBA in the field of Technology Management, before long.

I was very clear that if I somehow happened to fill in as a student, I would just work a vocation close to my area of concentration that I can put on my resume. Most students contemplating abroad end up working any employment without thoroughly considering it. It is very imperative to choose an occupation keeping your career way as a primary concern.

Multi-month into my course, I interviewed for my first occupation – A front desk receptionist at a two-month-old IT startup which had four employees at that time. As the organization grew to 100+ employees worldwide, I played numerous roles; at long last over a range of three years, I was made Product Manager. Working here and being so involved with everyday operations, sales and item, made me experience passionate feelings for the startup life-cycle. At this point, I knew I wanted to begin an organization.

From Idea to Market

In the event that you wish to manufacture an item or begin a service organization on the Mobile Platform, research intensively and solve a real problem that makes life easy for your end users.

The idea for a mobile application arose while as a student. As an international student living in Australia, I struggled with two things – The tedious process of finding the most suitable settlement for myself and reaching out to students already living in student lodging.

After landing back in India and validated with over 200 students crosswise over 20 university hostels, we before long realized this is a problem most students struggle with. Backed by the intensive research and market approval, we then launched a mobile application on Android and iOS worked to help student hostel for automating manual processes while concentrating on interactive long range interpersonal communication for data sharing among students, parents, and hostel management.

  • Way to Progress
  • Solve real problems
  • Get to market rapidly
  • Try not to give up or get demoralized
  • Keep testing and rebuilding
  • Keep collecting feedback
  • Execute what you believe in and execute quick
  • Discover a mentor – Today every experienced person can be a mentor, however, pick the one who increases the value of your project.