The One Habit That You Should Always Have To Lose Weight

One Of The Keys On The Journey To Attain A Better Body Is Creating And Solidifying This Particular Habit

A few months ago, me and my buddies wrote down every single weight loss habit that we could think of. As a little bit of background about me, I am a personal trainer and I have a lot of buddies from different gyms around the area where I live.

Anyway, we have come up with a solid list of 167 weight loss habits that we deem are necessary if you want to cut the fat, as this is one of the reasons why a lot of people start working out in the forst place. Losing weight is at the top of some people’s list of things to do, some reasons being that they want to look ebtter, stave off diseases and other conditions such as heart diseases, gout, premature ejaculation, diabetes, etc. After compiling and creating one big list, we scour the different gyms and ask for some outside perspective.

Although our list pretty much covers the spectrum (or so we thought), there is one habit that is consistently being thrown around that is not on our gigantic list. What is that habit, you ask?

Well, before I reveal what it is, I want to preface this by saying what a habit actually is. We might think of a habit as something that we do on a regular basis, and although that is true to some extent, we do not define it from a psychological perspective.

In the psychological circles, a habit is defined as something that is not only done regularly; it is also something that is done automatically as well.

As you all know, all of the habits require a trigger. A trigger is something that is sort of a reminder that tells you that “hey, you should do this particular action now”.

For a habit to stick, it also has to be focused on a reward. One of those two conditions are met; you now have made a new habit.

With that out of the way, what is this mystery habit that everyone must have in order to lose weight? The habit is none other than finding the right people to share your weight loss journey with.


The Power of Like-Minded People

As evolutionary psychology would state, we humans are herd animals in the sense that we usually follow someone’s lead. Not only that but it helps us become more motivated to achieve whatever the main goal is.

Having a buddy to share your weight loss journey with you is something that will help you stick for the long term because of a lot of reasons such as:

  • Your Buddy Will Make You More Accountable: If a person happens to be on the same journey as you, they will make you more accountable for your actions. If you’ve eaten an unhealthy snack, your buddy will scold you and will hold you accountable for what you did; making you more motivated to never do the same thing again.
  • They Encourage You: If you have a fitness buddy, you are more encouraged to lose weight. Weight loss is a journey and you should treat it as something that is lifelong instead of just achieving a certain desired weight. There will be times life weighs you down, but a good weight loss buddy will encourage you to get back up.
  • They Make It More Enjoyable: Lastly, having a fitness buddy will ensure that your weight loss efforts will never become a bore.

If you’re thinking of losing weight, don’t just think about the right meal plan or the right exercises to do; do think about someone who you can share your weight loss journey with.